Invite code is a unique combination of letters and figures, which can be activated during new account registration. You will be awarded different bonus such as premium account, gold and tanks. Invite link gives some bonus as well, but this time you need to click on it first and then register.

You can use the invite code only once, when you create a new account. If you has got one, pay attention to which game it belongs. If the invite code is part of World of Warplanes, e.g, you will not be able to use it for the World of Tanks and vice versa.

Both invite code and link are full of advantages for the players as they give the possibility to get some tanks that are closed for you in the beginning.

World of Tanks EU Invite Codes

Here you can find some interesting WoT EU invite codes:

  • YOGSCAST gives you Excelsior Tank as well as 1000 Gold units and 7 days of Premium account.
  • PANINI1PANINIWG offers 3rd level light tank T127 plus seven days of Premium account.
  • WORLDOFCOBI this invite code opens T2 light tank along with 500 gold coins and seven days of Premium account.
  • X9Q7X346OP gives users T2 Light Tank, 500 gold coins and seven days of Premium account
  • ARMISTICE offers users M22 Locust tank and seven days of premium account.
  • COBIWOT gives you Tetrarch tank as well as seven days of premium account and 500 gold coins.
  • REVEALTANK1 offers users Pz.Kpfw. S35 739, three days of premium account and 100% crew.
  • WOTONE gives Pz.kpkw.T15 plus 15 reserves and 7 days of Premium account.

Next, we offer some interesting WoT NA invite codes:

  • WWIITANKS give you three days of premium account, 500 gold coins and 100 000 silver units.
  • TNKWARROOM – M22 Locust (USA) 100% Crew 7 Day Premium 500 Gold Boosters 10%.

Finally, you can find some interesting invite codes for Asia:

  • WGAUSANZ17 gives users AC 1 Sentinel, 1 garage slot, 7 days of T-34-85M, 3 personal reserves including 200% crew experience per hour, three days of Premium account and many more.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get an invite code for World of Tanks?

You can get your invite code by participating in different events, conducted by the WoT team or their partners. Another way to get those codes is to attend either gaming expos or developers meet ups. You can find more information about those events via official WoT news media and forums. Finally, you can find invite codes on different WoT related websites. 

How do I enter my World of Tanks bonus code?

You need to create your account first. When this step is done, you will be asked whether you have any invite code. Click on the kink and enter the code you have into a special field. Press on Activate button when ready.

How do I redeem a World of Tanks code?

To do this, you need to follow next steps:

  1. Go to the Premium Shop and find there Redeem Wargaming Code button.
  2. Click on this button.
  3. Log into your account, enter the code, and click Redeem button.
  4. Check the results within the game.

How do I add people on World of Tanks?

You can add people on WoT via three main ways:

  1. By adding them through the chat.
  2. By inviting new friends via Battle results screen.
  3. By adding new friends through Battle Results notification.

How do I delete my Wargaming account?

To do this, you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Log in into your account first.
  2. Go to the Account Management board.
  3. Go to the Data Protection menu.
  4. Find Delete Account button and click on it.
  5. Provide your email address and proceed by clicking Continue button.
  6. Confirm the operation.
  7. Look through your email box and find a special notification letter.

Can you play with friends on World of Tanks?

To play together with friends, you need to invite them into your friends’ list first. Next, you need to add this person into the platoon.

How do I join a platoon in World of Tanks?

Before you can join any platoon in the game, other platoon members should invite you. You will be given a special link to proceed. The only thing you need to do I to accept the invitation.